16 inch necklace...$108
17 inch necklace...$125
18 inch necklace...$139
19 inch necklace...$154
20 inch necklace...$169
22 inch necklace...$198
24 inch necklace...$229
26 inch necklace...$259
28 inch necklace...$278
30 inch necklace...$297

Pearl Bracelets -
Specify size: (Petite / Medium / Large / X Large)
Pearl Earrings (one pearl drop) $29

Shipping $7.
Free shipping with orders over $100.
Please allow 10-14 working days for delivery especially when Lucia is in the middle of a festival. See show schedule.

We string and design all necklaces on a 7 strand miniature cable, a jeweler’s wire
that is nylon coated. You can get it wet
with no problem.

We also use a 14k gold-filled pearl clasp that has a double locking system, so if it comes
undone, your necklace will not fall off. Lucia guarantees all of her work.

The Beauty of Pearls
Throughout the world pearls are considered a measure of elegance, grace, and beauty. Unfortunately, unless you are wealthy or have spent many years saving up, the natural luster of pearls may be out of reach.

Pearls Have Been Expensive Since Ancient Times
Since ancient times purveyors of pearl jewelry have maintained prices high so only the wealthy or royalty could buy them. But now there is an option for owning beautiful pearl jewelry.

A Jewelry Creator Reaches Out With Affordable Pearls
Lucia, an extraordinarily creative jewelry maker, makes beautiful yet affordable pearl jewelry available to everyone. In addition to her uniquely creative methods, Lucia has spent years establishing excellent relationships with pearl suppliers from around the world to bring you high quality pearls at prices that will surprise you.

Beautiful, Original, High Quality, Pearl Jewelry At Reasonable Prices
Lucia uses beautiful, high quality pearls to create extraordinary pearl jewelry at affordable prices. Check out the beautiful pearl jewelry worn by some of her customers in the photos above and then come see this beautiful jewelry for yourself at the Armadillo Christmas Bazaar at the Austin Convention Center or call Lucia at 512-426-2257 for custom designed pearl jewelry.

Lucia's Notes On Pearls
Pearls signify faith, charity, innocence, and enhancement of personal integrity. They symbolize purity and provide a vehicle for advanced wisdom and the receipt of spiritual guidance. Pearls are also known as stones of sincerity and loyalty.